How Does EMSculpt Work?

EMSculpt is able to build muscle and burn overlying fat simultaneously through the use of electromagnetic energy. The exact technology is called HIFEM, or “High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Energy.”

FDA approved, EMSculpt emits electromagnetic waves. Those waves are what make EMSculpt unique not only in the field of cosmetic medicine but in the field of non-invasive techniques as well.

During an EMSculpt treatment session, the machine emits focused HIFEM energy directly into the targeted muscle. This energy induces what is known as “Supramaximal” muscle contractions – an effect similar- but many times more intense- to the one created when someone is exercising intensely.

Essentially, even though you are laying flat during a treatment session, your muscles are contracting maximally – many times more intense that being at the gym. EMSculpt delivers approximately 20,000 HIFEM to each muscle during a treatment session. This is equivalent to approximately 20,000 sit-ups or squats – WELL beyond what is possible during regular physical training. This is why many people that receive the procedure report that the only side effect is muscle soreness, as though they have finished an intense workout.

EMSculpt uses applicators that precisely direct the HIFEM waves to the area of the body that you and Dr. Agha decide to focus on. At the present time, EMSculpt has been FDA cleared for abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. However, more applicators will soon be released in the near future for other areas of the body.

Once the applicator (s) are placed on the body, they are left there for the duration of the session. One session of EMSculpt typically takes just around 30 minutes. Two sessions a week for two weeks is generally all that is needed to see valuable results, with follow up visits every two to three months to keep the benefits in the future.

The Science of EMSculpt – Why The Body Reacts the Way it Does

Supramaximal contractions are muscle contractions that go beyond what the muscle is used to doing – or typically capable of doing. During muscle workouts, the muscles reach “Supramaximal” level when they become tired and you keep pushing through to continue your routine.

When muscle tissue experiences these supramaximal contractions, it is forced to adapt by building and strengthening its inner muscle fibers. This is how you build muscle volume and become stronger, as the number of fibers within the muscle increase.

EMSculpt enhances and speeds up this process beyond what is possible through a regular workout. The sustained, rapid contractions the procedure creates go deep into muscle tissues and encourage faster growth of muscle fibers.

The contractions also cause the body to undergo a process called “supramaximal lipolysis.” This is the process where the fat “ over the muscle melts away.” Lipids (fat cells) quickly break down into free fatty acids, and in turn, begin the breakdown of adipocyte – or fat tissue.

Multiple studies that have examined the effects of EMSculpt on the body through MRIs, CT scans, tape measures, ultrasounds, and other scientific observation techniques have agreed that EMSculpt successfully results in fat reduction (an average of 18 to 19%) and muscle development and bulking (16% in the abdominal wall).