EMSculpt Treatment Areas

EMSculpt can help you not only lose fat – it also builds supportive muscle to create a more sculpted look. The most popular areas for this treatment are the abdomen and buttocks at the present time. These are areas that have larger amounts of muscles naturally, and can be difficult areas to tone and define.

The muscle building process in each area is similar: the EMSculpt handpieces administer electromagnetic waves to make the muscles contract very quickly and “supramaximally. This results in increased muscle mass which requires more energy for building and sustaining. The increased muscle mass relies on the adjacent fat cells for their energy need. Also the bulkier muscles need more energy for their metabolism. This results in a natural release of fatty acids from adjacent cells to support muscle metabolism. Just like what happens in the gym but at a much gander level that is not attainable by exercise.

Abdomen: Building A Six-Pack

We all know that what it takes to build a six-pack abs- many hours in the gym and a lean body with a single digit body fat. Obviously this is not impossible but it takes a lot of dedication both in terms of exercise and diet. At the Aesthetic Centers, we are dedicated to your health and wellness and highly encourage regular exercise and healthy nutrition. But for those who can not reach their goal, we have brought in EMSculpt to complement our huge CoolSculpting practice and complete patient’s goals.

EMSculpt for abdomen focuses mainly on building the abdominal muscles and reducing overlying fat. It is not for abdominal fat reduction for those who are above their recommended body mass index (BMI) For those individuals at their average BMI, EMSculpt works effectively to build muscles and reduce overlying fat, unveiling the new sculpted abs. For those individuals with significant abdominal fat, we recommend CoolSculpting to reduce a significant portion of the excess abdominal fat and then EMSculpt to build muscle and complete their goal.

In addition to defining and toning the abdominal muscles, EMSculpt has been found to have a positive effect on patients with diastasis recti, or the separation of abdominal muscles, common after pregnancy and giving birth. For these people, clinical studies showed a reduction of 11% in the separation of abdominal muscles

During an EMSculpt session for the abdomen, one or two handpiece (s) are placed on the abdomen to induce muscle contractions. In a matter of 30-minutes, 20,000 “supra-maximal contractions” perform the equivalent of about 20,000 sit-ups.

Buttocks: Non-Invasive Buttocks Lift

EMSculpt is the new holly grail of non-invasive buttocks lift. There has never been another device that has offered fuller, rounder, uplifted buttocks without any injections or surgery. The EMSculpt program for the buttocks only focuses on building and strengthening the buttocks muscles, not on losing fat. The two handpieces used, one for each buttock, emit a different pulse sequence than the one used for the abdomen and hips. The bulkier and larger muscles in turn result in lifting of the buttocks cheeks and tissues.

EMSculpt has received many positive reviews when used on the buttocks, with some people opting for EMSculpt treatments over the more invasive Brazilian butt lift surgical procedure. As many as 80% of those treated reported visible lifting effects of the buttocks after 4 EMSculpt treatments.

Love Handles/Hips

The hips are a common area that collects fat, creating “love handles” at the waistline that can make you look less than fit.

Just like with sessions that treat the abdomen or buttocks, a handpiece is attached to the area on your hip that has excess fat, and the electromagnetic waves stimulate the muscles and induces them to become more prominent, creating a leaner, more toned look.

Patients have experienced an average loss of 1.5 inches in waistline circumference after treatment.